All About Yoko Ono’s Children, Kyoko Chan Cox and Sean Taro Ono Lennon

Kyoko Chan Cox  Yoko Ono has led a very exciting and incredibly eventful life, and she takes immense pride in her two children, Kyoko Chan Cox and Sean Taro Ono Lennon.

This activist and musician has been married three times, and she shares children with two of her husbands. Her journey into motherhood began during her second marriage to filmmaker Anthony Cox in 1963.

During this union, they became parents to their daughter Kyoko. However, due to the challenges of divorce and a prolonged custody battle, Kyoko spent most of her childhood living with her father. As a result, Yoko and Kyoko didn’t have a close relationship until 1998. Yoko expressed the deep pain she felt from losing connection with her daughter and even dedicated a love song titled “Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)” to her in 1971.

In 1975, Yoko became a mother once again with the birth of her son, Sean, whom she had with her late husband John Lennon. The couple shared 13 years of marriage before Lennon’s passing in 1980.

Sean has chosen to follow in the musical footsteps of his famous parents. In a 2015 interview with The Guardian, he revealed that his passion for music and art is deeply rooted in his admiration for Yoko and Lennon’s musical legacies. He expressed, “The only reason I’m interested in art and music at all is because of my parents. Respect for them is at the heart of everything I do. … I sort of hero-worshipped them as a child, then went to work making music on my own.”

This unique and heartwarming connection between Yoko Ono and her children, Kyoko Chan Cox and Sean Taro Ono Lennon, adds a special dimension to the life of the renowned artist and musician. Their individual journeys and relationships with Yoko reflect the intricate tapestry of family bonds and the enduring influence of a remarkable artistic legacy.

How old is Kyoko Cox

Kyoko Chan Cox, who is currently 60 years old as of the year 2023, entered this world on the 8th of August back in 1963 in Tokyo, Japan. With a zodiac sign of Leo, she has a vibrant and energetic personality. When it comes to her academic journey, Kyoko pursued her secondary education at the Walter Reed Junior High School.

Kyoko Chan Cox, 60

Kyoko Chan Cox made her debut into the world in August 1963, just a couple of months after her parents tied the knot for the second time.

Yoko Ono and Anthony Cox initially got married in November 1962, but they had to annul their marriage because Ono hadn’t finalized her divorce from her previous husband, Toshi Ichiyanagi. Once the legal hurdles were cleared, they remarried in June 1963, and their daughter arrived by the end of that summer.

Trouble brewed when Kyoko was 5 years old, leading to her parents’ divorce. After finalizing their separation in 1969, Ono married John Lennon, triggering a heated custody battle for Kyoko. In the end, Cox moved to Denmark and took Kyoko with him.

The mother-daughter reunion took place during New Year’s in 1970 when Ono and Lennon traveled to Denmark to reconcile with Cox. Initially successful, with the couple even staying at Cox’s farmhouse with his new wife, the progress eventually soured. By 1971, Cox was granted full custody of Kyoko, and the two disappeared from the public eye. This marked a turning point in their relationship, altering the course of Kyoko’s upbringing and connection with her mother. Kyoko and Ono didn’t reconnect until Kyoko became a mom herself in 1994.

Ono shared her feelings about the reunion with PEOPLE, saying, “When Kyoko appeared finally, I was totally in shock. It felt like the part of me that was missing came back.”

Despite the joyful reunion, Kyoko has chosen to keep her life mostly private, making only a few public appearances with her mom over the years.

Looking back on her childhood in a 2003 interview with PEOPLE, Kyoko opened up about her relationship with John Lennon. She described Lennon as always being “nice to me,” but their connection was complicated. Kyoko explained that Lennon was a “consuming force,” and she often found herself competing for her mother’s time and attention.

“He wanted all of my mom, and there wasn’t a lot of her for me,” she shared, shedding light on the challenges she faced in navigating the dynamics of her family. This insight adds depth to the complex interplay of relationships within the famous family and provides a glimpse into the emotional complexities that Kyoko experienced as she reconnected with her mother after many years.

Who are Kyoko Chan Cox’s parents

Chan’s story begins with the meeting of her parents, Yoko Ono and Anthony Cox, in 1961. Anthony was captivated by Yoko’s artwork, leading to their marriage on 28 November 1962. Unfortunately, their union faced challenges and ended in divorce on 2 February 1969. A legal tussle followed, resulting in Anthony gaining custody of Chan.

The situation took a mysterious turn in 1971 when Anthony, along with Chan, disappeared and became part of a religious cult. This abrupt departure led to a long separation between Yoko and her daughter. It wasn’t until 1994, when Chan turned 30, that they reunited after all those years. Since then, reports suggest that they have maintained a strong and positive relationship, marking a heartening chapter in their family history. The journey from their initial separation to the eventual reunion is a testament to the complexities of family dynamics and the resilience of relationships over time.

Kyoko Chan Cox’s siblings

Kyoko has a brother named Sean Lennon, and he’s quite the accomplished individual in the entertainment world. Sean is not only known as a famous American-British actor but also as a musician and producer. His journey in the spotlight began with a bang when he made his debut in acting through the music video for Michael Jackson’s iconic “Smooth Criminal.”

But that’s not all – Sean has left his mark in the world of film with notable appearances in various blockbusters. You might have caught him in productions like “Sean Lennon: Home,” the intriguing “Awake” (2010), and the captivating “Front Row Boston” (2016). Sean’s diverse talents have allowed him to shine in different aspects of the entertainment industry, showcasing his versatility and making him a recognizable name in the world of music and film. As we explore the achievements of Kyoko’s brother, it becomes evident that talent runs in the family, contributing to their collective impact on the entertainment scene.

Relationship status

Before her current chapter, the actress had a significant chapter with lawyer Jim Helfrich. Together, they have two adorable children – Emi Ono, born on 4 September 1997, and John David Yeisuke, born on 9 January 2000. However, as life’s journey took its course, the couple decided to part ways, officially ending their marriage on 18 January 2018. The reason behind their separation was stated as irreconcilable differences, marking the close of one chapter and the beginning of new paths for both the actress and her former husband. As we delve into the intricacies of their family dynamics, it’s evident that life’s twists and turns have played a role in shaping the actress’s personal journey.

How much is Kyoko Chan Cox’s net worth

The Japanese star is doing quite well in the financial department, with an estimated net worth ranging between $1 million and $5 million as of the year 2023. Most of her earnings come from her acting gigs, showcasing her talent on the big and small screens. It’s impressive to see her carve out a place for herself in the entertainment world and accumulate a considerable amount of wealth through her hard work and dedication.

Speaking of family finances, her mother is reported to have a whopping net worth of around $700 million, a testament to her incredible success in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, her father’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, reflecting his own achievements in the field.

The family’s wealth is a result of years of dedication and success in the entertainment business. As we peek into the financial side of their lives, it’s evident that talent and hard work have translated into substantial financial gains, creating a legacy that extends beyond individual achievements. The Japanese star’s financial journey is not just about numbers but a reflection of the impact and influence they’ve had in the world of entertainment.

Kyoko Chan Cox Is Yoko Ono’s Daughter Who Vanished for Years Though Rebuilt Their Relationship in Her Adulthood

When Kyoko Chan Cox, also known as Kyoko Ono Cox, Kyoko Ono, and briefly as Ruth Holman, was just eight years old, her father, filmmaker Anthony Tony Cox, broke a court order and took her away on Christmas Eve. Tony, along with his second wife, Melinda Kendall, became involved with a cult, disappearing from sight with young Kyoko. It took a staggering 24 years before Yoko, Kyoko’s mother, was reunited with her daughter. Yoko expressed the emotional journey of searching for Kyoko in the heartfelt song “Don’t Worry, Kyoko.” This song served as a tribute to the lengthy and challenging quest to find her beloved daughter after years of separation.

Kyoko Chan Cox’s Parents Fought for Her in Court despite an Amicable Divorce

In 1961, Tony, a big fan of Yoko’s art, found her in Tokyo. They got married and had their only child, Kyoko, born on August 8, 1963. Yoko wanted them to take care of Kyoko together, and Tony agreed. The couple, now “conceptual artists,” moved to London. However, their marriage ended in just three years after Yoko met John Lennon in 1966 at her art show.

Despite the divorce, Yoko and Tony stayed friendly. They even let Tony make a documentary about their life, with John’s approval. Even though no one had complete custody, Tony was hesitant to let Yoko and John spend time with Kyoko. Yoko and John searched for Kyoko in Europe and then decided to go to court in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Yoko and Tony’s divorce was filed. The Lennons won custody, but they found out Tony was living in Houston, Texas, where he was also suing them. This legal battle added more complexity to the situation.

Kyoko Chan Cox’s Father Was so Afraid to Lose Her That They Vanished for Years

As time went on, Tony shared more details about the challenging period when he and Kyoko sought refuge with a friend who was part of a group called the Church of the Living Word. This group was known as The Walk and considered a pseudo-Christian cult. They lived with this community in rural Iowa, and Tony himself embraced their beliefs.

During this time, Kyoko attended Walter Reed Junior High School in North Hollywood, California, but under a different name, Ruth Holman. Tony explained that once the church caught wind of his thoughts about leaving, they made sure Kyoko went to school every day, possibly to keep a close watch on them.

In the midst of all this, Tony, whose second wife had divorced him and remarried within the cult, picked up Kyoko from school one day, and they left abruptly with only the clothes on their backs. This daring escape marked a turning point in their lives. Tony later documented their experiences with the cult in a film titled “Vain Glory,” where Kyoko was credited as an associate producer, showcasing their journey in the face of adversity.

Kyoko Chan Cox Managed to Rebuild the Relationship with Her Mother in Later Years

In the sad year of 1980, when John Lennon, Yoko’s husband, was tragically killed, Yoko received a heartfelt telegram expressing condolences from none other than Kyoko and Tony. However, it wasn’t until the late ’80s that Kyoko reentered Yoko’s life. Overwhelmed with emotion, Yoko wrote an open letter expressing how much she missed her daughter during those long years of separation.

In an effort to honor Kyoko’s privacy and independence, Yoko made a promise to her daughter not to actively search for her. However, she kept the lines of communication open, patiently waiting for the day when Kyoko felt ready to reconnect. The long-awaited reunion between mother and daughter finally happened during the Christmas season in 1995. Reports surfaced that they had been in touch over the phone earlier that year, and according to Yoko’s spokesperson, they not only reconnected but also developed a strong and positive relationship.

Despite living a life away from the public eye, Kyoko has made appearances in various documentaries, including the 2001 film “The Real Yoko Ono.” In a heartwarming twist, she was present at her mom’s 87th birthday party in February 2020, an event organized by her half-brother Sean Lennon. This celebration marked another significant moment in their family’s journey, showcasing the enduring bond that had been rekindled over the years.

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the life of Kyoko Chan Cox  is a captivating narrative of triumphs, challenges, and, above all, the intricate tapestry of familial bonds. Her journey into motherhood, marked by the birth of her two children, Kyoko Chan Cox and Sean Taro Ono Lennon, reflects the profound complexities of relationships and the enduring influence of a remarkable artistic legacy.

The poignant story of Yoko’s relationship with Kyoko, born during her second marriage to Anthony Cox, is a testament to the resilience of maternal love. Despite the challenges of divorce and a protracted custody battle, their connection endured. Yoko’s expression of pain through the musical dedication “Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)” in 1971 underscores the depth of a mother’s longing for her child.

The birth of Sean Taro Ono Lennon in 1975, from Yoko’s marriage to the legendary John Lennon, added another dimension to the family’s narrative. Sean’s passion for music and art, rooted in the legacies of his famous parents, exemplifies the profound impact of familial influence. His sentiments, expressed in a 2015 interview, reveal a deep respect and admiration that form the core of his creative endeavors.

Kyoko Chan Cox’s journey, veering from a childhood marked by separation to a later adulthood reunion with her mother, unveils the intricate dynamics of a family fractured and rebuilt over time. The challenges faced by Kyoko, including a period of seclusion with her father in a religious cult, add layers to the narrative, emphasizing the complexity of family dynamics.

The exploration of Kyoko’s relationship with her famous parents provides a nuanced understanding of the sacrifices, struggles, and joys that define familial connections in the limelight. Her revelations about competing for her mother’s attention and the emotional complexities of her upbringing add a layer of authenticity to the public persona of Yoko Ono.

Kyoko’s later life, including her marriage to lawyer Jim Helfrich and the subsequent separation, underscores the inevitable twists and turns that shape personal journeys. Her decision to keep a relatively private life, making only occasional public appearances with her mother, speaks to the importance of personal boundaries in the context of public scrutiny.

The financial aspects of Kyoko’s life, with an estimated net worth between $1 million and $5 million, provide a glimpse into the economic dimensions of a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry. The juxtaposition of Yoko Ono’s reported net worth of $700 million and Anthony Cox’s $5 million reflects the diverse financial landscapes shaped by individual achievements within the family.

The triumphant reunion between Yoko and Kyoko, after years of separation, exemplifies the enduring nature of maternal love and the power of patience. Their connection, rekindled during the Christmas season in 1995, serves as a poignant reminder that the bonds of family can withstand the test of time. Kyoko’s presence at her mother’s 87th birthday party in 2020, organized by her half-brother Sean Lennon, symbolizes the culmination of a journey marked by resilience, forgiveness, and the strength of familial ties.

In essence, the life of Yoko Ono, intertwined with the experiences of her children, paints a portrait of a family shaped by artistic brilliance, personal challenges, and the profound, unbreakable bonds of love. As we delve into the intricate details of their lives, we find a narrative that transcends fame and fortune, revealing the universal truths of human connection, resilience, and the enduring power of family.


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