Tomeka Thiam Biography, Nationality, Professional Life, Family, Marital Status and Net Worth in 2023

Tomeka Thiam is widely recognized as Akon’s official wife. Akon, her husband, is a well-known Senegalese-American artist, music producer, and businessperson who gained fame in 2004. He is celebrated for creating popular songs such as “Lonely” (2003) and the 2009 duet with Michael Jackson called “Hold My Hand.” In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Akon’s wife, sharing insights into their love story, the duration of their marriage, their children, and more. So, let’s explore the various aspects of Tomeka Thiam’s life alongside the famous singer Akon.

Tomeka Thiam and Akon have two sons who absolutely love music. The couple is super supportive of their kids’ musical talents and has gone out of their way to help them shine. In fact, they’ve been promoting their sons’ music at various times and in lots of different ways. If you’re curious to know more about the wonderful family of Thiam and Akon, keep reading – there’s a lot to discover about their special bond and the musical journey of their talented sons.

Full Name Tomeka Thiam
Gender Female
Nationality American
Marital Status Married – Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam
Occupation   Hairstylist and Beautician
Net Worth $500,000

Tomeka Thiam’s biography

Tomeka Thiam, who is known for being an American entrepreneur and a record label executive, had a friendly conversation with her Instagram followers back in 2018. During this chat, her fans got the chance to ask her questions about various aspects of her life. One of the things she happily shared was the story of how she met her husband, the famous Senegalese-American singer Akon. If you’re curious to know more about Tomeka Thiam’s life and her connection with Akon, stay tuned as we explore the details of their journey and the interesting tidbits she revealed during that Instagram conversation.

Career Path of Tomeka Thiam

Tomeka Thiam, who is married to the famous singer Akon, has a connection to the music world through her husband. However, her main focus is on running a beauty salon in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. She’s really dedicated to her salon business. Although not much is known about her previous jobs, there’s some buzz about Thiam possibly joining the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The details about how much time she’ll spend on screen are still a bit unclear, but it’s something to keep an eye out for. As we dive into more aspects of Tomeka Thiam’s life, let’s explore her journey as a beauty salon owner and the potential new chapter she might be opening in the world of reality TV.

Early Life and Education of Tomeka Thiam

Tomeka Thiam, although keeping her exact birth date private, appears to be around 40 years old. Born in Africa, she hasn’t shared information about her parents, siblings, or early life with the public. Thiam holds African nationality and is part of an All-American ethnicity.

Contrastingly, her husband Akon was born on April 16, 1973, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, making him 50 years old. Shifting to educational details, Tomeka has not revealed information about her academic background, but it’s likely that she graduated from a prestigious university. In contrast, Akon is a Clark Atlanta University graduate.

As we continue our exploration, the mystery surrounding Tomeka’s early life and family background intrigues us, creating a captivating narrative that unfolds alongside the more known details about her husband Akon. Join us as we delve into the enigmatic aspects of Tomeka Thiam’s life, combining the known and unknown to paint a comprehensive picture of this intriguing individual.

What is Tomeka Thiam’s Marital Status

Tomeka Thiam and her husband Akon are happily married, but they’ve kept the details of their wedding private throughout their nearly 24 years together. In the course of their union, they’ve been blessed with six children. Among them, Alianna and Journey are the daughters, while Alioune and Jhavor are the beloved sons. The Thiam family welcomed Alioune in 1996 and Jhavor in 2001. As for Journey and Alianna, they joined the family in 2006 and 2007, respectively, leaving us with two more children to learn about. Join us as we delve into the family life of Tomeka Thiam and Akon, exploring the joys and experiences they’ve shared over the years.

Tomeka Thiam’s Net Worth Figure

Tomeka Thiam has made a good amount of money as the owner of a successful salon, amassing a net worth of $500,000. Meanwhile, her husband, Akon, has built a massive net worth of $80 million.

Together, they lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, free from financial worries, thanks to their combined net worth. Join us as we explore how Tomeka Thiam’s career has contributed to her financial success and how the couple’s combined wealth has allowed them to enjoy a life of affluence.

Tomeka Thiam Met Akon When She Was 18 & Gave Him 5 Children

Tomeka Thiam and Akon’s journey started when they were teenagers. Akon, her husband, is known for having nine children and being a practicing polygamist, but the number of wives he has is not confirmed.

Akon, the superstar, has openly discussed the important role of mothers in the family. However, his views on polygamy have stirred controversy with music executives. Join us as we explore the unique relationship between Tomeka Thiam and Akon, from their teenage years to the challenges and discussions surrounding Akon’s views on family life.

Tomeka Thiam Is a Little Younger Than Akon

Tomeka Robinson, born around 1975, grew up with at least two siblings—a brother and a sister. Her mom, Sandra, frequently visits Tomeka and her family at their spacious mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, which boasts an impressive driveway and a large swimming pool in the backyard.

Being a mother of five, Tomeka has a keen interest in fashion, with a list of favorite designers that includes Olivier Rousteing, Peter Dundas, and Elie Saab, as revealed in an Instagram Q&A.

Since 2012, Tomeka has been associated with Salon a la Saison in Buckhead, Atlanta. In November 2012, she even put out an open casting call on her Facebook profile, seeking unpaid models for an avant-garde photoshoot. As the salon underwent changes in management, Tomeka, the skilled beautician, posted a job ad in 2016, searching for a stylist to join the team. Let’s take a closer look at the life and activities of Tomeka Robinson, from her family moments to her passion for fashion and her journey at Salon a la Saison.

The salon’s official Facebook page recently shared a video showcasing Tomeka’s son collaborating on ideas with his dad in what appears to be a home studio. In the clip, Akon is spotted grooving to the music, taking a call, and bringing a lively vibe to the creative space.

Even though Salon a la Saison boasts a stellar five-star rating on Facebook, there hasn’t been any update on the page since 2018. Similarly, Tomeka hasn’t shared any business-related posts on her social media accounts for a few years.

Taking a peek at Tomeka’s Instagram, it’s listed as a record company, with a bio that mentions BuVision. A visit to the BuVision recording label’s website reveals that Akon’s brother, Bu Thiam, is at the helm. Their mission is to revamp the system, fostering a more trusting relationship between the label and its artists. Let’s unravel the latest developments at Salon a la Saison, delve into the musical pursuits of Tomeka’s family, and explore the intriguing dynamics within the BuVision recording label.

Tomeka Thiam and Akon Met Thanks to Her Brother

Tomeka’s story with Akon started when she was just eighteen. They first crossed paths at a friend’s apartment in Georgia during the early nineties, thanks to her brother’s connection. At that time, Akon, who was 20, couldn’t take his eyes off her. Tomeka, trying to play it cool, returned his gaze, and there was a spark when their eyes met. She humorously recalls feeling like Akon put a “West African Spell” on her, and ever since, she’s been trying to shake off that enchantment!

In an Instagram Q&A, Tomeka shared that she doesn’t need to keep tabs on Akon because “he knows his way home.” For her, Akon’s real “lifestyle” revolves around their family. She’s even picked up some Wolof, the official language of Akon’s home country, Senegal.

Their journey as a couple led to the birth of their first child, Ali Thiam, on May 27, 1996. Tomeka, proud of her family, often shares photos on Instagram, revealing a family of five children – three boys and two girls.

Despite his fame, Akon doesn’t make it a point to attend every one of his children’s recitals, finding humor in the idea. In a special tribute post on their eldest child’s 22nd birthday, Tomeka emphasized the significance of Akon in their lives. The details about Akon’s other wives and four additional children remain somewhat mysterious, as he keeps those aspects of his personal life more private. Join us as we unravel the charming love story of Tomeka and Akon, exploring their family adventures, language connections, and the intriguing dynamics of their shared life.

Thiam married a singer who had many relationships

Akon has consistently aimed to keep his personal life out of the public eye. Despite this, it’s common knowledge that he is a father of six, and his children come from different mothers. Tomeka has been a part of Akon’s life for a whopping 24 years, a connection that Akon only recently shared publicly. Interestingly, two of Akon’s children are specifically from his relationship with Tomeka. Let’s dive deeper into the layers of Akon’s commitment to privacy, the enduring bond between him and Tomeka, and the unique dynamics of their shared journey as parents.

Akon Has His Own Opinion about Monogamy

Akon openly discussed his views on relationships and marriage at Los Angeles Airport in November 2013. According to him, adopting the customs of some African nations, where one man can have multiple wives, could potentially save many marriages in the United States. His perspective on marriage came to light during an interview with Zeze Mills, where he tackled questions about Nick Cannon fathering multiple children with different women.

In response to Mills’ inquiry about Nick Cannon’s approach, Akon defended Cannon, suggesting that his wealth allows him to provide for all his children. However, Mills countered, emphasizing that financial support is not the sole measure of being present for one’s children.

Akon chuckled at the idea of attending every one of his children’s recitals, asserting that maintaining communication through FaceTime is as valuable as physical presence. He emphasized that a man’s responsibility becomes crucial as the child grows, highlighting the importance of teaching them responsibility. Akon has consistently expressed the belief that men are natural breeders, and he suggests that women would find more happiness if they understood and accepted this aspect. Join us as we explore Akon’s intriguing perspective on relationships, parenting, and the dynamics of responsibility in family life.

Tomeka Thiam’s Children Have Achievements of Their Own

Let’s dive into the musical world of Akon and Tomeka’s family, especially focusing on their eldest son, Ali Ozbrn. He’s not just Akon’s son; he’s making a name for himself in the music scene. Recently, on February 23, 2023, he showcased his talent at a free gig in OUR BAR ATL, where he performed some of his new music. It’s not just about performing; Ali Ozbrn is also behind the scenes, contributing to the music industry. He played a key role in producing DopeGirl Zane’s album.

Family collaboration seems to be a trend here, as his dad, Akon, was featured on Ali Ozbrn’s track “Get Money” back in 2019. That’s not all – in the same year, Ali Ozbrn took on the role of CEO for the family label, adding another layer to his musical journey.

But the musical talent doesn’t stop there. The younger sons in Tomeka and Akon’s family are also making waves in the music scene. Mo Thiam, going by the stage name Moh, dropped an album titled “Atlanta” in October 2022, paying homage to their hometown. Meanwhile, Jahvor, the youngest son, had a remarkable moment on tour with Akon in Sydney, Australia, performing in front of a massive crowd of 50,000. Tomeka proudly shared a video from the side of the stage, capturing the unforgettable father-son musical moment.

Switching gears to Tomeka’s daughters, she affectionately refers to them as her heart. Family moments are significant, and Tomeka made sure to be present for her eldest daughter’s graduation in 2021. It’s a testament to the importance of celebrating milestones and supporting each other in their individual journeys. Speaking of graduations, Alianna Thiam, another one of Tomeka’s daughters, graduated from elementary school in May 2019 with honors.

Beyond the music and academic achievements, Tomeka also takes time to enjoy life’s moments with her husband. In late 2022, she shared glimpses of a vacation with Akon in a captivating desert landscape. These personal moments provide a window into the life of Tomeka Thiam, showcasing the balance between family, career, and leisure.

As we continue our exploration, we’ll delve deeper into the individual contributions of Ali Ozbrn, Mo Thiam, and Jahvor in the music industry. We’ll also take a closer look at the family dynamics during performances and celebrations. Stay tuned for a comprehensive journey through the musical endeavors and personal milestones of Akon and Tomeka’s talented family.

Social Media

Shifting our focus to Tomeka Thiam’s online presence, you can find her on Instagram using the username, where she has garnered a following of over 5,000 users. However, it’s worth noting that she is not currently active on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s delve further into the details of her Instagram activity and explore how she engages with her audience on this platform.

On Instagram, provides a glimpse into Tomeka’s life, showcasing moments, interests, and perhaps even some behind-the-scenes glimpses into her world. As we navigate through the content she shares, we gain insights into her preferences, hobbies, and the aspects of her life that she chooses to highlight for her audience.

In the realm of social media, Instagram often serves as a visual diary for many, and Tomeka’s account could be a window into her personal and professional experiences. From family moments to possibly glimpses of her salon business or any other endeavors, exploring her Instagram can offer a more intimate perspective on her life beyond what is publicly known.

While her presence on Instagram is evident, the decision to not engage with Facebook and Twitter raises questions. The choice of social media platforms can be a deliberate one, with individuals often selecting platforms that align with their preferences or where they feel most comfortable sharing content. The absence on Facebook and Twitter might signify a desire for a more focused or private online presence.

As we continue to unravel the layers of Tomeka Thiam’s social media activity, we’ll explore the nature of her posts, interactions with followers, and any potential insights into her personality and interests. Stay tuned for a detailed exploration of her Instagram presence, shedding light on the digital side of Tomeka’s world.


While Tomeka Thiam has not yet received any awards, her husband Akon stands as an accomplished and award-winning star in the music industry.

Akon’s accolades include the “Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist” award at the 2007 American Music Awards, and he also secured the “Teen Choice Award” for “Breakout Artist – Male” in the same year. In 2008, he earned the “BET Hip Hop Award” for “Producer of the Year,” and in 2009, he was honored with the “Ozone” award for “Artist of the Year (USA & UK).” Akon’s list of achievements continues with multiple wins at the ASCAP Awards in various categories spanning from 2007 to 2011.

As we explore the contrast in award recognition between Tomeka and Akon, we witness the remarkable success and acclaim that Akon has achieved throughout his career. Join us as we dive into the extensive list of accolades earned by Akon, showcasing the heights of his musical achievements and contributions to the industry.

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the story of Tomeka Thiam and Akon is a captivating journey that unfolds across decades, marked by love, family, and the intertwining of two lives amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. From the early days of their meeting, where the spark of connection ignited in the ’90s, to the present day, where they stand as a testament to enduring love, the Thiam-Akon saga is one of depth and complexity.

Tomeka Thiam, an entrepreneur and record label executive, has carved her own path while standing beside the global musical sensation Akon. As the owner of a successful salon in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia, Tomeka has not only established herself as a dedicated businesswoman but has also hinted at the possibility of stepping into the world of reality TV. The enigmatic aspects of her early life and family background add layers to the narrative, creating a comprehensive picture that combines the known and unknown facets of her identity.

The family life of Tomeka and Akon is a testament to their enduring commitment. Blessed with six children, their journey as parents is marked by support for their children’s musical talents and a commitment to nurturing a close-knit family. The dynamics of their family adventures, language connections, and the unique challenges posed by Akon’s public persona provide an intriguing backdrop to their shared life.

The financial success of Tomeka Thiam, reflected in her net worth of $500,000, is complemented by Akon’s staggering net worth of $80 million. Together, they lead a life of affluence, allowing them to explore various avenues and indulge in a comfortable lifestyle. The contrast in their award recognition underscores Akon’s unparalleled achievements in the music industry, leaving us in awe of the heights he has reached.

The love story between Tomeka and Akon is not without its challenges, as Akon’s views on relationships and marriage, including the concept of polygamy, have stirred controversy. However, their enduring bond and commitment to family shine through, offering a unique perspective on love and partnership.

As we unravel the layers of Tomeka Thiam’s life, from her early days as a beauty salon owner to the potential foray into reality TV, we discover a woman of substance and resilience. Her connection to the music world through Akon adds a touch of glamour to her story, but it’s her individual journey and accomplishments that make her a fascinating personality in her own right.

In the grand tapestry of their lives, Tomeka and Akon stand as a power couple, each contributing to the narrative in their own distinct ways. The exploration of their love story, family dynamics, career pursuits, and personal philosophies provides a rich and multifaceted portrait of a couple who have weathered the storms of fame and fortune, emerging stronger and more united.

In essence, the story of Tomeka Thiam and Akon is a symphony of love, success, and the intricate dance of two souls navigating the complexities of life in the public eye. As we bid adieu to this exploration, we are left with a deep appreciation for the resilience of love and the enduring power of commitment that defines the union of Tomeka Thiam and Akon.


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