Who is Robin Gunningham’s wife Joy Millward?

Who exactly is Joy Millward? Joy, hailing from the West Midlands, is known to have crossed paths with Robin about 15 years ago when their connection with Banksy first surfaced. Since then, both Robin and his wife, Joy, have chosen to keep a strong and unwavering silence about their personal lives.

It is believed that Joy and Robin’s story began in 2003, around the time she embarked on her career as a researcher for Labour MP Austin Mitchell. Taking the plunge, the couple tied the knot in Las Vegas three years later. According to a source, they chose to reside in a secluded community, distancing themselves even from their closest neighbors, creating a lifestyle marked by limited interaction with others in their surroundings.

Quick Facts About Joy Millward

Name Joy Millward
Marital status Married
Nickname Joy
Date of birth Unknown
Birthplace United Kingdom
Husband name Banksy
Profession   Artist

What does Joy Millward do for a living

What is Joy Millward’s job? Joy Millward works as a lobbyist in the United Kingdom. In 2005, she founded Principle Affairs, a group that advocates for and supports charities.

According to information from a source reported by the Mail, not many people, even those they occasionally talk to, are aware of the true identities of Joy and her husband. The only individuals privy to his real identity are those in the inner circle, having undergone a thorough vetting process.

Interestingly, it’s been revealed that some of Joy’s own family members haven’t been informed about who her husband is or the nature of his occupation. This mystery adds an extra layer of intrigue to Joy Millward’s life and the enigmatic world she inhabits.

Biography of Joy Millward

Joy Millward, the creative force known as the “Queen of Street Art,” hails from the bustling city of London, where her artistic journey began. Born and raised in the vibrant atmosphere of England’s capital, the exact date of her birth remains a mystery, but she falls within the age range of 40 to 50. Currently, she is making waves in the United Kingdom as a dedicated lobbyist.

Growing up in a culturally diverse neighborhood, Millward was exposed to a myriad of creative influences during her formative years. The lively street art that adorned the city’s walls captivated her imagination, sparking a deep-seated passion for artistic expression. In her teenage years, Millward embarked on her own artistic explorations, experimenting with graffiti techniques using spray cans and stencils to leave her mark on the urban landscape.

Despite the inherent challenges of graffiti art, Millward’s undeniable talent quickly garnered attention. Her distinctive style, characterized by bold colors and intricate patterns, became her artistic signature. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, her work began to gain recognition for its thought-provoking commentary on social justice, environmental concerns, and the human experience.

Parallel to her artistic pursuits, Millward found herself drawn to political activism. Recognizing the potential of art as a catalyst for social change, she transitioned into the role of a lobbyist, advocating for politicians and using her influence to champion laws supporting environmental sustainability, equality, and inclusion. This dual role as both artist and activist provided Millward with a powerful platform to disseminate her message and inspire others to contribute to positive global transformation.

Today, Joy Millward is celebrated for her originality, resilience, and unwavering commitment to producing art that challenges societal norms. Regarded as an icon in the realm of street art, her early experiences and passion for art and activism shaped her into a visionary artist. Millward continues to inspire generations, encouraging them to envision and believe in the transformative potential of art in shaping a better world.

When did Joy Millward and Robin Gunningham get married, and how many years have they been married

Joy Millward and Robin Gunningham tied the knot in Las Vegas back in 2006. Fast forward to the present day, and they’ve now celebrated 17 years of marriage. In 2008, The Mail on Sunday conducted an investigation that pointed to Gunningham as the elusive artist Banksy. This revelation was a surprising twist, considering Banksy’s reputation as a rebellious figure.

Contrary to the rebellious image, Gunningham’s background suggests a more middle-class suburban upbringing. Born in 1973 in Bristol, which is also believed to be Banksy’s hometown, he attended the prestigious Bristol Cathedral School. His father, Peter Gordon Gunningham, had retired as a contracts manager in the Whitehall area of Bristol. Meanwhile, his mother, Pamela Ann Dawkin-Jones, aged 67, worked as a company director’s secretary and grew up in the upscale neighborhood of Clifton. Robin has an older sister named Sarah.

The family relocated when Robin was nine, moving to a larger home in the same street. It was during these formative years in this new environment that Robin developed an interest in graffiti. This information sheds light on the early life and upbringing of the man suspected to be Banksy.

Who Is Banksy’s Wife Joy Millward

Joy Millward has earned the title “Queen of Street Art” due to her extensive and prosperous journey as a graffiti artist. Throughout her impressive career, she has actively advocated for politicians, showcasing her passion for supporting and promoting their causes.

Know about Banksy’s wife Joy Millward

The true identity of Joy Millward, believed by some to be the mysterious spouse of the renowned street artist Banksy, remains shrouded in mystery. Despite widespread speculation that she is indeed Banksy’s wife, Millward has chosen to keep her identity under wraps, sparking ongoing curiosity.

Millward’s knowledge about her own life seems to be limited to the basics, such as residing in a secluded area—a fact known to her family and neighbors. Although she has confided in friends that her husband illustrated cookbooks for her, she has yet to disclose her true identity to anyone.

The inquiries into Millward’s identity gained momentum after the Mail on Sunday labeled her as Banksy’s wife. Banksy, known for maintaining anonymity, has never been officially identified, with only a select few close friends privy to his true identity.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Banksy’s wife is allegedly Robin Gunningham, who purportedly acquired Banksy’s residence in Bristol, UK, from her partner. The connection between Gunningham and Banksy reportedly originated during their time working together for Austin Mitchell, a Labour politician. Their professional collaboration evolved into a close friendship, leading them to establish Principle Affairs, a lobbying group dedicated to supporting charitable causes. The intricate web of secrecy surrounding Banksy’s identity and the enigmatic figure of Joy Millward continues to captivate the public’s imagination.

As a lobbyist, you can make a career

Joy Millward, despite keeping a low profile, is considered one of the wealthiest individuals globally. According to Forbes magazine, it is estimated that in 2009 alone, Millward raked in an impressive $6 million, and her net worth is projected to reach a substantial $6 million by 2021.

Her husband, Robin Gunningham, adds to the family’s prosperity as an artist and self-professed art enthusiast. His gallery in London proudly showcases several valuable original works.

The financial comfort enjoyed by Joy and her family goes beyond her high earnings. Despite her husband’s reputation for enjoying a good time, Joy isn’t known for being a social butterfly. They’ve chosen to reside in a serene community with limited neighbors and visitors. Even though they may not be household names, their art has proven to be a lucrative source of income.

The Millward family possesses a plethora of valuable assets, including numerous luxury cars and a sizable credit card. Their opulent lifestyle becomes the talk of the town at upscale events, where both men and women alike envy their status and accomplishments. In the realm of both art and wealth, Joy Millward and her husband stand as noteworthy figures, quietly amassing a significant fortune.

Graffiti artist life

The life of graffiti artist Joy Millward is quite interesting. Despite being a significant figure in the art world, she prefers to keep a low profile and doesn’t engage much on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

Even though Joy hasn’t explicitly shared with her family that she is married to Banksy, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. In fact, she takes pride in her husband being a professional painter, and she actively wants to ensure that Banksy’s brand and legacy continue to thrive.

Joy Millward, a content and well-settled member of her family, originally hails from West Midlands. She has been happily married since 2006 and resides in Canningham, a small town. In her town, she enjoys spending a considerable portion of her income on food and drinks, relishing the perks that come with being married to a well-known artist.

Not only does Joy appreciate the benefits of her husband’s artistic success, but she also possesses various assets, such as owning a BMW and having a substantial collection of cats. Moreover, she runs her own business, which she established back in 2005. All these elements contribute to the colorful and fulfilling life that Joy Millward leads as both an individual and as part of a creative and thriving family.

Joy Millward’s Height and Age

Joy Millward’s Age and Height are subjects that have sparked curiosity among many, and though her exact date of birth remains undisclosed, it’s estimated that she falls within the age range of 40 to 50 years.

Observing her appearance, it seems she stands at a height of more than 5 feet, although precise details about her height are not officially confirmed.

Described as charming and friendly, Joy Millward’s presence radiates a welcoming demeanor that adds to the intrigue surrounding this enigmatic figure. While specific details about her age and height might be somewhat elusive, her charisma and amiable nature contribute to the fascination that surrounds Joy Millward.

Joy Millward’s Salary and Net Worth

Let’s delve into the financial side of Joy Millward’s world. As of 2021, it’s estimated that her net worth hovers around $6 million, although the exact figure remains a well-guarded secret.

Despite the lack of specific details about her net worth, it’s evident that Joy Millward is doing well in her career, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle. Her undisclosed profession continues to be a reliable source of income, contributing to her overall financial success.

One interesting facet of Joy’s professional life is her role as a lobbyist for the United Kingdom. This involvement suggests that she’s not only focused on her personal financial well-being but also plays a part in shaping policies and advocating for various causes on a larger scale.

In essence, while the precise details of Joy Millward’s net worth might be a mystery, her ability to maintain a prosperous living through her work and her active participation in the realm of lobbying adds layers to her intriguing and multifaceted story.

Banksy’s wife on Instagram Meet Street Artist Banksy

Joy Millward, who is known as Banksy’s wife, isn’t using Instagram actively. It seems she prefers to keep a low profile and doesn’t share details on social media, avoiding the spotlight.

While she hasn’t disclosed any information on official platforms, there is an Instagram account with the handle This account seems to be associated with Robin Gunningham, who is speculated to be Banksy. However, it’s important to note that the account is not officially verified.


At first, Banksy’s business associate denied any knowledge of Banksy being married to Joy Millward. However, the Mail later revealed the identity of Banksy’s mysterious spouse on a Sunday.

Joy Millward, who is said to be the elusive Banksy, tied the knot with the renowned artist in 2006 in Las Vegas. Following their wedding, the couple moved away from Shoreditch in East London. Despite their opulent lifestyle, they manage to keep a low profile and remain anonymous. Their combined worth is estimated to be around $6 million by the year 2021.

Banksy, recognized as a controversial artist, has earned the title of a modern art icon. Growing up in suburban middle-class neighborhoods, he pursued education at Bristol University. Before gaining fame as an artist, Banksy worked as a researcher for a former Labour Member of Parliament (MP). His art is known for its cryptic nature, and he has successfully guarded his identity, adding to the mystery surrounding him.

Despite his artistic success, Banksy has faced challenges in his personal life, including a strained relationship with his parents. Additionally, as a child, he was diagnosed with a spinal injury. However, he made a comeback to work in 2006. The decision to keep his identity under wraps is rooted in the controversy surrounding Banksy and his desire to maintain a certain level of privacy in the public eye.

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Joy Millward remains a mysterious and enigmatic figure, intricately connected to the renowned street artist Banksy. Despite her association with a globally celebrated artist, Joy has chosen to maintain a low profile, shrouding her personal life in secrecy. The story of Joy and Banksy began around 15 years ago, marked by their connection with Banksy and a decision to keep their personal lives private.

Joy Millward, known as the “Queen of Street Art,” has successfully navigated both the world of graffiti art and political activism. From her early experiences in the vibrant streets of London to her current role as a lobbyist advocating for charitable causes, Joy’s journey reflects a commitment to artistic expression and social change. Her marriage to Banksy adds an extra layer of intrigue, with their union shrouded in mystery and only known to a select few.

The financial success enjoyed by Joy and her family is a testament to her dual roles as an artist and lobbyist. Despite their opulent lifestyle and significant wealth, the couple has managed to maintain anonymity, living in a secluded community and limiting their interactions with the outside world.

The complexities of Joy Millward’s life extend beyond her professional achievements. Her decision to keep her identity undisclosed, even from some family members, adds an element of mystery to her persona. The revelation that Banksy’s wife might be Robin Gunningham, known for his middle-class upbringing and association with Banksy’s early years, further deepens the intrigue surrounding this elusive couple.

As of 2021, Joy Millward’s estimated net worth of $6 million reflects her financial success, driven by both her artistic endeavors and lobbying career. Her reluctance to engage on social media, particularly Instagram, underscores her desire to remain out of the public spotlight.

In the world of street art, wealth, and secrecy, Joy Millward and Banksy stand as captivating figures, their identities and stories intertwined in a tapestry of artistic brilliance and intrigue. The decision to keep their personal lives veiled in mystery adds an element of mystique to their narrative, leaving the public with more questions than answers about the true identity of Banksy and the woman known as Joy Millward.

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